Van and RV Bases and Accessories

The bases and other parts in this section are for use with ISS and RV seating, whether placed in an RV, Sprinter, van, or other vehicle. All ISS seating and the Heavy Duty bases have been crash tested for safety. 

If you have any questions about which pieces you need for your project, please give us a call or use the contact form to send us an email.

  • Pricing
Bases and tracks for RV, ISS, and other Applications 
Atwood Load Bearing Tracks$55.00
Atwood 225 Track Reinforcement Kits$20.00
Atwood 225 Child Restraints$25.00
Towel Bar Slide Tracks$45.00
Standard Slide Tracks$35.00
RV straps (price per pair)$18.50
Swivel Mount-up kit$35.00
MXT base (7" Stationary base)$145.00
Adnik Quick Release Bases$80.00
3" Swivel$135.00
5.5" Swivel Pedestal$150.00
7" Swivel Pedestal$150.00
10" Swivel Pedestal w/ built in slides$170.00
5.5" Heavy Duty Swivel$157.00
7" Heavy Duty Swivel$177.00
10" Heavy Duty Swivel w/ built in slides$197.00
6-way Power Units$275.00
Adnik Subassembly (for 2 seats: need this + 2 bases)$145.00
Atwood Van Midship Quick Release Base (pan + base)$172.00
(Use MXT Base for non-QR) 
Seat Belt Extender for ISS seats only$50.00